Sprint has quietly killed of its "Galaxy Forever" leasing option for the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. The leasing option, which mimics Sprint's similar "iPhone Forever" program, still remains for the S7 edge's little brother, the Galaxy S7.

Sprint kills off 'Galaxy Forever' upgrade program for Galaxy S7 edge

While Sprint hasn't made any announcements regarding the move, FierceWireless confirmed with multiple Sprint stores that the option is no longer being offered with the S7 edge. Indeed, a quick check on Sprint's website shows that a 24-month lease option is still available for the Galaxy S7, but not for the S7 edge.

For those unfamiliar, Sprint's "Galaxy Forever" promotion launched alongside the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, and acted as a 24-month lease option to finance either phone. You paid a bit less every month than you would on a regular financing installment plan, but the only caveat here is that Sprint still owns the phone, even if you pay through the full two years. That's because each Galaxy Forever customer has the option to return the phone to Sprint in exchange for a new phone after 12 months of payments — a right that usually costs an extra $5 per month at Sprint for other phones.

As it stands now, a more traditional 24-month financing plan is still available for the Galaxy S7 edge, in which you pay between $0 and $150 (depending on credit) up-front, and the remaining balance over a full two years — you just don't get the benefit of yearly upgrades baked into the financing.