Cellular carriers have long offered so-called "microcell" hardware to help boost cell signal from that carrier at your home or business, but Sprint is taking a slightly different approach with the launch of its "Magic Box" small cell. Despite having a questionable name that tells you nothing about what it does, the Magic Box is super simple: set it in a window and plug it into power, and it amplifies Sprint's network throughout the building.

The shoe box-sized appliance configures itself on the network automatically and unlike some other solutions doesn't need to be hooked into your home internet or require any sort of configuration on your end. You really do just plug it into power and enjoy the benefit. Sprint claims one Magic Box is good to cover 30,000 sqft of indoor space, and over 300 feet outdoors in the other direction from the window.

Just plug it in, and everyone around you gets better Sprint coverage.

Because of this simple and open setup, the Magic Box isn't just for you — it's actually cleverly a small cell tower in itself that can be used by any Sprint customer within its range, up to 64 simultaneous customers. So by offering these boxes to customers, it's really improving its overall network footprint without having to install costly towers or small cells on buildings itself. That's particularly important in urban areas where it's tough to blanket multi-story buildings in coverage.

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Since Sprint is honestly benefiting from this just as much as you are, there's no cost to you to get the box — all you'd pay for is the negligible power bill having it plugged in. Sprint says there are some limitations to find out if you "qualify" to get a box, but chances are these will be handed out pretty liberally.

If you have weak Sprint coverage at your home or office and want to see if you qualify for a Magic Box, Sprint has a website where you can get more details.

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