In their latest attempt to win more customers over, Sprint has just announced that for only $100 a month you can get unlimited talk, text, and data on a the Samsung Galaxy S5 as well as 2GB of data on a Galaxy Tab 4. We have seen Sprint offer these bundles in the past, not so long ago they bundled the iPhone and iPad together as well. This new plan will require customers to utilize the Sprint Lease program on either the Galaxy S5, or Galaxy S5 Sport, as well as using Sprint Easy Pay to get the Galaxy Tab 4, neither requiring any money to be put down.

The total monthly cost of the complete bundle, including both the phone plans and finance charges, is $100 plus applicable taxes and surcharges. Below is a full break down of the monthly charges showing how much each part of the plan adds up to that magical $100.

  • Samsung Galaxy S5 or S5 Sport on Sprint Lease: $20
  • Unlimited talk, text, and data plan: $60
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 on Sprint Easy Pay: $12.50
  • 2G of data: $20
  • Bundle Discount: $20 monthly credit
  • Tablet Easy Pay Promotion: $10 monthly credit

Over the course of the 24-month period, pairing these two devices will save over $300 versus purchasing them separately. Of course, there is a Samsung Galaxy S6 coming up soon, though that won't make the Galaxy S5 any less of a smartphone than it is now.

Source: Sprint