Spigen Slim Armor case

The Spigen Slim Armor case is soft on the inside and hard on the outside, just like your favorite blogger


We all try to be careful with our expensive Androids. But sometimes, stuff happens and they escape our clutches — usually when we're on a hard surface that guaranteed to break things that fall on it. Like the rocks of Mordor, or the parking lot at Winn-Dixie. It's those times that a good case can save your bacon. The Spigen Slim Armor case for the Note 3 is that good case.

It's a two part case, where a supple rubber inner lining meets a hard plastic candy coated shell. It looks nice on the Galaxy Note 3 — I'm digging the "Crimson Red" version — and it adds very little bulk for the amount of protection if gives. For those who aren't into bright red, the Slim Armor case also comes in Soul Black, Dodger Blue, Metal Slate, and Infinity White.

All the holes and buttons and slots are precision cut, and the case fits like a glove. It was designed so you're able to mix and match the outer shells, but the case is a bit too difficult to separate the two pieces while installed to make that practical. Too much flexing and bending of the Note 3 for me to feel comfortable, so I have to advise against it. Just take the whole case off if you want to switch colors. It fits snug and won't fall off, but it comes off with little squeezing and prying.

Once it is on, your Note 3 is going to be able to take a little accidental punishment. Add a good screen protector, and you'll be set for just about any mishap that doesn't involve liquids or explosives. Or both. The corners wrap nicely, the buttons and ports are easy to to work, and the S Pen slides in and out like designed because of the generous cut out. I really like the Spigen Slim Armor case, and I'm not a fan of using a case, as my scratched phones will attest.

You spent over $500 on the Note 3. Spending $27 more for a case this nice makes sense.