Best Buy this week brings you two more smart deals - your choice of either the stunning EVO Design 4G running on the Sprint Network, or the equally great Droid RAZR running on Verizon.

This Wednesday and Thursday only, in partnership with Best Buy Mobile Solutions are bringing you a deal that is much too low to show as it is the very lowest price that you'll find anywhere for this amazing smartphone.

How much of a deal?  You'll need to follow the link below to find out but we can tell you that whether you're looking to start a new Sprint account with a 2 year contract or just upgrade your existing plan you'll get the  Evo Design 4G for close to nothing.  If you're looking to start a new Verizon account with a 2 year contract you'll get the Droid RAZR 4G at up to $200 less than most options online... 

So if you've been lusting to get your hands on either of these powerful devices there probably hasn't been a better time to do so than right now via the link below...

NOTE: A number of readers were wondering what might happen to their existing grandfathered data plans when buying a new phone via this offer and so we thought we'd share with you the official Best Buy Mobile Solutions response to this question below.

Q: If I take advantage of this offer, can I keep my unlimited data plan and have it transfer with the purchase of a new handset?

A: Not all grandfathered data plans will transfer. Generally speaking however if an existing unlimited data plan is attached to a smartphone chances are it will transfer to the new device.

Q: How do I know if my data plan will transfer when I take advantage of this offer?

A: When you choose "Keep An Existing" plan for your selected device, our customer support team will review orders where the data plan is not compatible.  Before any changes are made to your account, the customer support team will contact you regarding the details.  You can choose to cancel the order or select a different data plan option.