Seidio Dilex case for HTC One Max

One part silicone shell, one part polycarbonate spine, this HTC One Max case will protect your phone, and throws in a kickstand for good measure.


Here's a look at the Seidio Dilex case for the HTC One Max. This is sort of two cases in one — a silicone membrane protects the back and the sides of the phone, wrapping along the edges to ensure a good fit. It's not too tight, and not too loose, so you can remove it whenever you want. The silicone shell also extends past the face of the phone a few millimeters, so you can put the phone face-down without worrying about scratches.

The second part of this HTC One Max case is the polycarbonate spine. Think of it as a sort of exoskeleton that adds rigidity and also serves as home for the metal kickstand. 

Yes, the kickstand is back — and it's perfect for this sort of phone, with its 5.9-inch display, turning it into a perfect vehicle for watching movies on planes, or even while you're sitting at work. (We won't tell.) The kickstand is spring-loaded and easy to extend. Note that it only keeps the phone upright in the landscape (horizontal) orientation.

All in all, a pretty simple case. It's easy to slip off and on, but not so easy that it'll fall off. Our only real complaint is that the silicone attracts and retains dust pretty easily. But you can clean that with a little soap and water, so there's that.

The Seidio Dilex case for the HTC One Max is available in either black or royal blue. Also available is an optional holster.

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