Seidio Active Kickstand Case for the Galaxy Note 2


The Galaxy Note 2 is already and unapologetically large device, but if you don't mind making it just a touch larger you can pick up some serious protection and features with a new case. Today we're taking a look at the Seidio Active Kickstand case for the device, which gives a bit more ruggedness and better grip to the Galaxy Note 2, along with a kickstand to take advantage of that huge screen while out of the house.

Hang with us after the break where we give you a tour of the case and its features.

Similar to many of its other cases, the Seidio Active Kickstand Case comes in two parts — a rubber wrap-around case, and a hard plastic shell that snaps over it. The soft rubber portion gives the phone some serious shock absorption, while the hard case gives it protection against the regular bumps and scrapes of every day use. As you can see in the pictures, the rubber portion is most prevalent around the sides, while the hard plastic is primarily on the back.

The case does nothing to hinder usability of the ports, camera or even the S Pen, although the extra bulk could certainly push the size of the Galaxy Note 2 over the limit of what's holdable by many hands. Luckily the soft rubber can make the phone a little easier to hold, counteracting some of the size issues.

This case of course has a metal kickstand on the back, and just as we found with a Seidio kickstand case for the Nexus 4, it does the job nicely. Especially on a device this big, you'll be able to get some use out of that kickstand for watching videos — or even full-length movies — while propped up.

The Seidio Active Kickstand Case for the Galaxy Note 2 is available from ShopAndroid now for $29.95, and comes in white (which matches the white Note 2 nicely), black, blue and red colors.