If you're planning to pick up a Galaxy S8 on or near launch day, you should probably pre-order it. If you do, Samsung and its partners are going to toss in a Gear VR with the new Gear VR Controller for free.

Gear VR

This isn't the first time Samsung has made this particular offer, but this is the first time that deal is far too good for anyone to pass up. The Gear VR has grown into its own incredible part of the VR ecosystem, complete with compelling games you can't get anywhere else and a ton of streaming video apps for watching stuff in VR. It's the first VR headset with its own functional social platform, making it an incredibly compelling VR experience over all.

But the real add-on here is the new Controller, which saves you from needing to tap the side of the headset for interaction and eventually plans to offer Daydream-like laser pointer navigation for a bunch of VR apps. When you add that $40 accessory to the $60 headset, it's clear even if you aren't totally sold on VR just yet this is something you want to get your hands on for free with your Galaxy S8.

Here are all the places you can pre-order the Galaxy S8 and get a free Gear VR!