Samsung took to the streets of New York City to see who favors the Samsung Galaxy Tab S over Apple's iPad Air. Since this is an advertisement from Samsung, for Samsung, it comes as no surprise that everyone in New York appears to be a huge Galaxy Tab S fan. But one can't help but think Samsung fell short with its latest attempt to draw consumers aware from Apple's stronghold.

The company itself is known for its rather questionable marketing and we're sure many are still pondering at this latest video, attempting to work out why Samsung is still flaunting specifications. Sure, the Galaxy Tab S is technically better on paper than the iPad Air – there's no disputing that on either side of the fence. But when there are so many tablets available, and often offering similar or identical specifications, one has to wonder why Samsung doesn't focus on the experience.

In any case, if you're mad about specifications, the Galaxy Tab S is the better choice, but if you'd rather have the best experience for you, that's a tough decision to make and this advert doesn't lend a helping hand. Personally, I'd rather see more Samsung adverts like this. What do you make of the Tab S advertisement?