Galaxy Tab S3

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is being pitched as a premium tablet, with iPad-like pricing to match. A Best Buy pre-order page for the device, in Wi-Fi-only flavor, lists it with a $599.99 price tag. The LTE-capable Tab S3 isn't listed by the retailer, but typically you'd be looking at a premium of $100 or more to add cellular connectivity.

Over in Canada the Wi-Fi-only Tab S3 is up for pre-order for C$799.99, in line with the current exchange rate. And Brits can expect to pay a little more for Samsung's latest tablet, with retailer John Lewis listing the Wi-Fi-only Tab S3 for £599.99 with availability coming in early April.

The company will be hoping to build momentum behind its new Tab before Apple's upcoming iPad Pro upgrades land. Samsung's big rival is expected to unveil new tablets of its own at a special event in the next couple of weeks.

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