Samsung Wallet Flip Cover for the Galaxy Note Edge

You can always spot a Samsung phone due to its distinctive styling (particularly with the Note Edge), and when you put one of Samsung's own cases on the phone it doesn't muddy the waters. Samsung's flip cases are just as easy to spot as the devices, and the Wallet Flip Cover for the Note Edge is no exception.

Like the rest of the flip-style case lineup for other Samsung devices, the Wallet Flip Cover for the Note Edge actually replaces the back plate of the phone rather than attaching around it. You just snap off the stock plastic one and snap this into place — it makes the case look like it belongs on there from the factory, and cuts down on unnecessary bulk in an already big case.

You'll find all of the same design elements and features in this as you would on the model for the Note 4, except in this case the screen-covering flap is narrower to expose the curved edge of the screen. That means when you have the lid closed you can still interact with the edge and get quick information and updates — precisely the reason why you bought the Note Edge in the first place.

The case feels extremely nice, and it better for almost $40. If you're looking for a full-protection flip cover that has a bit of style while also keeping unnecessary bulk down, this may be a solid choice for you. You can snag it in black or white for $36.95 from ShopAndroid.