Galaxy S6 brown

The Galaxy S6 and S6 edge come in four color variants in total, with the White Pearl, Black Sapphire and Gold Platinum versions available on both devices, while Blue Topaz is exclusive to Galaxy S6 and Green Emerald limited to the device's dual-curved sibling.

Unusual color options for Galaxy phones isn't a new thing.

As you can see in the screenshot above, there appears to be a fifth color version of the device that may soon become available. With gold already an option, it is likely the brown version will feature a darker hue. At this stage, it is unclear as to whether a new color variant will actually be on offer or if this is a glitch from Samsung's site.

The brown variant is selectable, but the page itself does not feature any images once you click on it. Also, the variant is only highlighted when you select the gold color version, and is unavailable upon selection of the other three color options. Furthermore, the model name at the end of the URL is the same as that of the gold version (G920FZDABTU), pointing to the fact that this may be more of a code error since all other variants have their own model numbers based on the color: black (G920FZKABTU), white (G920FZWABTU) and blue (G920FZBABTU).

Nevertheless, if Samsung does decide to launch a fifth color option for the Galaxy S6, we'll let you know. The vendor has a history of launching questionable color variants of its devices, and a brown Galaxy S6 is not be the worst thing in the world. Let us know what you guys think of brown as a color option for the Galaxy S6.

Source: Samsung UK; Via: PhoneArena

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