Samsung Galaxy S6

Glasgow and Edinburgh have already passed through, but for those of you already located in Belfast, you're in with a chance of winning your own Galaxy S6. All that's required is for you to locate one of eight Golden Envelopes, each containing a free voucher. To kick off the hunt in each city, Samsung will hold a live stream detailing the first clue.

"Throughout the day we will run a hunt an hour in our chosen cities. The first clue will be a live stream from the venue of a hidden Golden Envelope. Then there will be a further 4 clues tweeted to help you find the location. To win one, all you need to do is be the first to find the Golden Envelope and follow the final instructions."

Here are the times for all the cities covered:

  • 10:00 - Glasgow
  • 11:00 - Edinburgh
  • 12:00 - Belfast
  • 13:00 - Leeds
  • 14:00 - Liverpool
  • 15:00 - Birmingham
  • 16:00 - Cardiff
  • 17:00 - London

Don't worry if you're unable to make any of the hunts as you can still win a Galaxy S6 by tweeting the correct locations as each hunt unfolds. You'll be placed into a prize draw, but a small chance is better than none at all, right? Check the Samsung website for more details.

Samsung Galaxy S6



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