The mobile industry has been tracking a rumored Samsung "Galaxy X" prototype phone for several months, gradually pushing back the supposed launch timeline for what's apparently to be a successor to the general "Galaxy S" line. But as waves of details about the upcoming Galaxy S9 and S9+ come in we're still struggling for details on what this supposed Galaxy X with a foldable display will be.

Confirmed details are quite sparse, but we do have a good idea of Samsung's early concepts for the device. It's lining up to be a smartphone with a typical form factor, but one that's super-tall and hinged in the middle like an old-school flip phone. That means you get more screen when you need it, but then it can fold closed on itself to take up less room in your pocket or bag. Beyond the crazy display tech, the internal specs and features should come close to matching something like the Galaxy S9.

Samsung is expected to give some amount of details on the Galaxy X by the end of 2018.