Galaxy S7 edge

In last week's poll we asked which Samsung Galaxy S7 is your favorite? The Samsung Galaxy S7 has three fantastic choices this year, and each one is pretty fantastic. It allows you to get to a fantastic camera, and great battery life, without having to choose just one feature to get you by until you purchase your next phone. That's why we asked which S7 was your favorite.

Galaxy S7 poll recap

The Samsung Galaxy S7 edge took first place, grabbing up 45.7% of the vote. In second place with 21.3% of the vote was the Samsung Galaxy S7. "I'm not a fan of the Samsung Galaxy S7 series" came in third place, grabbing up 19% of the vote. The Samsung Galaxy S7 Active took fourth place, picking up 11.2% of the vote. Last, but not least, was "I can't decide" which made up only 2.9% of the vote.

Did your preferred version of the Samsung Galaxy S7 win this week? Are you unimpressed with the S7? Be sure to let us know about it in the comments.

Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge


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