Cases. Samsung Galaxy S5 cases, to be exact. Or, if you prefer longer sentences, cases with which you can protect your Galaxy S5. See, the world's most popular Android smartphone is going to have a plethora of cases. Skin cases. Tank cases. (That's the technical term, actually. OK, not really.) TPU cases. Cases that don't look like cases.

And that's just the third-party stuff. Samsung has its own line of cases, including the flagship S-View case, with the see-through window that lets you get information and still interact with the phone. It was a credit-card-carrying case as well, plus all sort of other fashionable options.

Maybe you don't want to use a case with your Galaxy S5. That's cool, too. We don't judge.

But the point is there are lots and lots of options for you to choose from. You can find many great Galaxy S5 cases at