AT&T Samsung Galaxy S5 Active leak

We've seen the Samsung Galaxy S5 Active leak our a few times already, including a surprisingly lengthy hands-on video of the S5 Active in a dude's truck (how appropriate, huh?), so what's one more? We've seen the back of this phone before, but only in that video, so what we have now is a better look — a still photograph, if you will — of the front and back of the Galaxy S5 Active.

Like the previous leaks, this one appears destined for AT&T, though we've also heard it may go to Sprint. Unlike the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active, which was more or less a waterproof version of the S4 with an LCD screen and physical home buttons, the S5 Active looks to be take its name seriously, with a more rugged appearance.

Whether those rubber-looking bumpers on the top and bottom are enough to truly earn the "Active" name, we can't say for sure. But it certainly looks the part. Check out the source link below for a few more shots.

Source: evleaks