Samsung Galaxy S5 teardown

The Samsung Galaxy S5 isn't due to start sales until April 11th, but that's never been cause to pause for those that would take it apart. In this case, Russians. The comrades over at got their hands on the upcoming smartphone from Samsung and tore it asunder. Well, more accurately they meticulously disassembled it.

Getting into the Galaxy S5 proved to be trouble, as the 5.1-inch 1080p display is held on not with screws or double-sided tape, but with an adhesive that required substantial prying, wedging, and softening with a heat gun. As the Galaxy S5 is water resistant, we'd expect it to be hard to get into.

Once the screen was removed, underneath was found an array of smartphone parts. You know, processors, flash chips, cameras, sensors, speakers. Stuff like that. The usual kind of stuff you'd expect to see inside a smartphone. Of course, we don't recommend you do this with your own Galaxy S5 if you get one, as doing so is definitely cause to void your warranty, and you'll probably not be able to put it back together again well enough to ensure that IP67 water and dust resistance rating is restored. But, if you do, we'd recommend you not be like the Russians: when you take the battery out, leave it out.