Galaxy S4 Black Edition

Faux leather must be expensive with the Black Edition costing £500

Since the Samsung Galaxy S4 Black Edition first emerged, we've been light on details as to where it would be available. It's successor, the Galaxy S5, is just around the corner, but that hasn't stopped Samsung bringing the Black Edition to the UK. With a pretty shattering price of £499.89 to boot, and exclusivity at high-street retailer Phones 4U.

Despite looking all sexy with its faux leather back, the Galaxy S4 Black Edition is still the same basic phone that's been with us about a year. We'd expect to see the Galaxy S5 for sale anywhere between £500 - £600 when it goes on sale, meaning the Black Edition is priced way too high. Faux leather must be expensive in these parts.

So, if you want one, you can get one. But at that price it's hard to recommend it to, well, anyone. Pay-as-you-go reduces the price of the phone by £10, but then you also need to buy a minimum top-up, so you're not saving. You could of course get one on contract, but again, it'd be tough to recommend it over waiting until April 11 for the Galaxy S5. Thanks, Samsung. But no thanks.

Source: Phones 4U