I just got back from the Samsung and Boost Mobile event here in New York City. Unsurprisingly enough, the two mobile companies announced the already leaked Samsung Galaxy Prevail.

Now let's be very clear now. This Android powered device is an entry-level smartphone. Even though it carries the Samsung Galaxy branding, this little guy does not carry the same power its Galaxy S cousins do. Also, just in case you missed the official announcement, this phone is exclusive to Boost Mobile and their pre-paid service. Now since that's all out of the way, let's move onto the deivice itself.

When I was first handed the Galaxy Prevail, I immediately noticed the weight of the phone. It's definitely a lot lighter than the Nexus One -- but still had a great solid feel. The front of the phone has that same glossy finish that all Galaxy line devices carry. The buttons below were typical Samsung design -- the same buttons you've come to know and love. Each one provided haptic feedback. On the back of the phone, the battery cover sports a soft-touch finish that rests in your hand quite comfortably.

Hitting the power switch on the top right of the device turns on the 3.2-inch screen. The display carries a 320x480 screen resolution. Browsing through the app drawer and swiping through the screens zipped along, but when loading web pages, you could definitely tell you were on a lower resolution device. Also loading pages over Wi-Fi and 3G took a bit longer than I expected. With only a 800Mhz processor and 384 MB RAM, this little guy is bound to take a bit longer loading full web pages.

While the Samsung Galaxy Prevail didn't overly impress me, it is still nice to see an affordable Android device ship at $179.99. And with a $50 unlimited plan each month, we can't argue with that.

Well, that about wraps it up for this little guy, be sure to check back again. I'll be uploading a full hands-on video for your viewing pleasure. But for now, make the jump to see more hands-on photos after the break.