Samsung Galaxy NX.

Our first impressions of Samsung's Android-powered professional camera

The Samsung Galaxy NX is a first for Android and digital imaging -- the first professional camera with high-end smartphone internals, the latest version of Android and 4G LTE connectivity. If Samsung manages to make all this hardware work well together and bring it to market first, the Galaxy NX has the potential to be a game-changing product. But it's still early days, and we'll need to examine the Galaxy NX in more detail before we come to any conclusions.

The broad strokes are this: A mirrorless body with interchangeable lenses. A 20.3 (effective) megapixel sensor. A 4.8-inch display on the back. Full LTE and Wifi capability. Powered by a quad-core processor at 1.6 GHz. Running Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. On paper, it's a beast. (Check out the full specs here.)

In the meantime, we've had the chance to get our hands on the Galaxy NX at the launch event today in London. Check our the video after the break for our first impressions. We'll bring you a detailed hands-on post later in the day.