Galaxy Note Edge

Clove UK has kicked off pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, a unique piece of hardware sporting a curved display on one side of the smartphone. Previous reports suggested the device would be produced as a "limited concept", rather than mass produced like the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, but Clove announced earlier this month the company would in fact be stocking units for purchase.

Should you be interested in the Galaxy Note Edge, you'll have to prepare your wallet to lose £650 ($1,050). This high price is thanks to the product itself being launched in a limited number of markets. Unfortunately, no estimated dates have been provided by Clove as to when the retailer expects to have the Galaxy Note Edge in stock.

Also, we're not sure if stock will be UK models or imports. For the time being, it's possible to sign up for email alerts as to when it's available. Will you be placing a pre-order, or is the curved display not appealing enough?

Source: Clove, via: GSM Arena