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We've literally just landed back home after IFA 2013 in Berlin, and one of the headline acts is starting to see retail information in the UK. The Samsung Galaxy Gear is now up for pre-order at online retailer Clove Technology, but it's going to cost you to get one. £282 plus delivery to be precise. 

Honestly we're not too surprised the Galaxy Gear is commanding a high asking price, but even so, that does feel like too much of a high asking price. Especially since to use one initially you'll also be handing over for a new Galaxy Note 3 as well. 

It's just one retailer, but it's an indicator of something we feared last week when we first saw Samsung's first smartwatch. If you're interested, head on over to the source link below to get your pre-order on.

Hands on with the Samsung Galaxy Gear

Source: Clove