Galaxy Alpha + Galaxy S5

Plastic versus metal, see how the Alpha stacks up side by side with the Galaxy S5

IFA 2014

Samsung's other latest device, the Galaxy Alpha, is doing the rounds publicly at IFA 2014 and as such we've snagged ourselves a quick look. More specifically we've sized up the 4.7-inch, metal framed Galaxy against it's older, bigger brother, the Galaxy S5. We know the Alpha is smaller and has a lower resolution display. But is that noticeable, and how much smaller is it?

You can use the images in the gallery below to judge for yourselves on the size, but there's certainly a clear difference in both the width and the height of the two. The Galaxy Alpha actually feels pretty compact to hold, though that flat metal frame and flat rear combined together does make it less comfortable than the Galaxy S5.

The difference in screen resolution isn't really noticeable, 720p at the size of the Alpha isn't horrible. On the software front it's pretty much Touchwiz is as Touchwiz does. The Alpha is running on Android 4.4.4 while we're still waiting on that for the Galaxy S5, but aside from that you're hard pushed to see much of a difference between the two.

Check out the rest of the side by side images in the gallery below.