Samsung's high-end phones, like the Galaxy S7, are great, but also expensive, and the Galaxy A series has traditionally been about creating a leaner product at a more affordable price. Samsung has just launched the 2017 refresh of the Galaxy A3 and A5 in the UK, where they'll sell for £299 and £399 respectively.

The physical design is very similar and very Samsung-eqsue — glass front and back, and the back panel actually has a nice subtle GS7-like curve to it. They're both metal-framed, and feel every bit as solid as Samsung's flagship-tier stuff. The most noticeable difference is the size — the A5 is a 5.2-incher with a 1080p panel, while the A3 downscales to 720p at 4.7 inches. Other specs, including the CPU, RAM, storage, battery and camera take a small hit on the A3, which you'd expect for the £100 price difference. Then again, this isn't necessarily a phone for spec fiends.

But nor is it a phone you should necessarily dismiss out of hand. Performance is smooth, the A series boasts water and dust resistance, and the A5's camera matches that of the Galaxy S6 on paper — a proven combination of a 16-megapixel sensor with OIS behind an f/1.9 lens. Despite one big, Marshmallow-shaped software compromise, the 2017 Galaxy A phones are definitely worth a look if you're looking to spend between £300 and £400 on something new and shiny.

Check out our hands on preview video above, and be sure to hit the comments and let us know what you think!