Samsung Galaxy Alpha

Samsung has today shared some photos of the new Galaxy Alpha being manufactured, just in case you were wondering just how it's made. The smartphone itself will be a unique option for consumers thanks to its metal body, which is carved from metal using highly advanced machinery. We're always eager to take a quick look at how hardware we use today is made in the factory and as technology continues to advance, the processes utilized to actually produce units is required to keep up.

Not only that, but this product is a substantial design change for Samsung. The Galaxy Alpha is a switch from focusing primarily on plastic for construction to metal, which will offer a more premium feel for consumers.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha

Compared to Samsung hardware we've come to know and love, the Galaxy Alpha requires more attention to detail with curved metal corners and color anodizing for the range of variants available – blue, gold, black, silver and white. Numerous tests are performed to ensure the Galaxy Alpha will live up to its name and be durable for day-to-day use. Overall, this simply gets us more excited to get our hands on one. Check out more images over on the Samsung blog (link below).

Are you impressed with where Samsung is going in terms of design? Let us know your thoughts on the Alpha in the comments!

Source: Samsung