If there was every any doubt that we're going to see more metal in the Galaxy S6, Samsung's latest teaser pretty much puts that to rest. "Tomorrow, metals will flow," the latest video croons. "Beauty will be powerful. Borders will disappear. Reflections will be free. Colors will leap. The future will be the present."

It's probably one of Samsung's better promo videos, actually — never mind that the phone isn't yet official and we don't really see it here. Still, there's a lot to glean from those 45 seconds. More metal construction certainly is in line with what we've seen from Samsung in its last few releases since the Galaxy S5 a year ago.

"Borders will disappear" may well be a reference to more curved "edge" displays, which are starting to look like they might be on the top and bottom of the new phone, at least if you stare at this tweeted teaser long enough.

And "the future will be the present"? Well, we'll have to wait for March 1 for that. We'll be in Barcelona at Samsung Unpacked to bring you the whole thing.

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