Android Central

That Android 4.1.2 update to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 that has been making the rounds across T-Mobile U.S. and elsewhere over the last couple of weeks is finally finding its way to Canadians. The big feature here is split-screen multi-window support, which helps GNote 2 owners to be extra productive. Positions can be switched around, and videos can be popped out from the multi-window view so you can make use of the gigantic screen when you need it. Many of those on the west coast will also be happy to hear about the inclusion of simplified Chinese language support. 

Currently the Galaxy Note 2 is available on all three of the big carriers, as well as WIND and Mobilicity. Any Canadian Galaxy Note 2 owners out there? Are you seeing the update yet? Samsung has told us that the update should be available sometime this week, though timing will vary by carrier.