Qualcomm + Samsung execs

The just-released Samsung Galaxy S8? Old news. The Korean media is already trying to sniff out details of Samsung's first major handset for 2018, presumably the Galaxy S9.

According to Korean site The Investor, citing a report in local outlet Aju Business Daily, Qualcomm and Samsung are already hard at work on the processor that'll power the Galaxy S9, which it claims will go by the name Snapdragon 845.

The 845 will reportedly be manufactured by TSMC or Samsung, both of whom have 7-nanometer manufacturing processes in the works, and due to be ready for production in 2018. The 835 is manufactured by Samsung as part of a deal that reportedly ensured its own phone got the new chip first. A similar arrangement could be possible for next year's handset.

We don't yet know exactly what kind of improvements the Snapdragon 845 might bring, but we sure can guess it'll be:

  • Faster than this year's chip ✔️
  • More power-efficient than this year's chip ✔️
  • Support fancy cellular things that your carrier probably can't do ✔️
  • Be 10 more than the current Snapdragon 835 ✔️

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+


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