So there have been some leaked pics, some hands-on, and some unboxing photos of the T-Mobile G1 but nobody has officially came out and said they've used the phone for longer than a couple minutes. Well, no one until Ryan Block, Engadget's Editor-at-large, told us he did. For an entire day. Spent with the T-Mobile G1.

His thoughts?

  • It's very solid and smaller than he thought
  • The keyboard is decent but maybe a little too flat
  • The screen is great and touch is responsive, no multi-touch kind of sucks.
  • Very snappy performance, Windows Mobile look out!
  • The browser is a distant 2nd to the iPhone's. Maps is ridiculously cool. Apps are good

He seems pretty smitten with the T-Mobile G1 and gives a sense that the G1 might become his daily driver. I think come October 22nd the T-Mobile G1 is going to surprise a lot of people and be a huge money maker for T-Mobile. October 22 where are you!