The Krusell Horizon Multidapt (S-Wide) case for the T-Mobile G1 is available in the Android Central Store for $24.95 and can be purchased here. It offers a couple different carrying options and fits the G1 Android phone and sports a magnetic closure to secure the phone. How does it perform as a case for your valuable G1? Read on for the full review after the break!

Design and Performance of Case

I've used many Krusell case products over the years for my various PDA or phone devices, and I've always been impressed with their quality and design. This Horizon case is no exception with respect to quality and design. The packaging is the first positive to me in that the packaging is a heavy paper/card stock material that makes it easy to access the case. The case is actually clipped into the packaging using the unique multidapt system and requires the end of a ball point pen to release the case from the packaging. The case itself is black nappa leather on the outside with a light cream-colored interior. The exterior of the case is accentuated with light-colored stitching and adorned with a small Krusell nameplate on the outside of the magnetic closure.

The case has an opening along the bottom to more easily push the phone upward and out of the case. There is a long rectangular cut-out on one end to provide easy access to the mini-USB port on the bottom of the G1, but requires fitting the G1 into the case in an upside-down configuration. Then again, what is really considered "upside-down" in a horizontal case? This may be a nuisance to some but not to others, so it's really a matter of personal taste. For me, it's a little awkward because I normally carry my G1 flipped the other way around.

On the back of the case there are two options for carrying - two belt loops on either side of the multidapt connector or the multidapt connector itself. The multidapt system includes the connector attached to the case itself, and a removable plastic spring-loaded clip. The clip is sturdy and durable and removed by depressing a recessed button with the end of a ball point pen or other pointed object. The multidapt system is nice in that you have the option to carry the case with the clip or, if you wish to use the belt loops, the clip can be removed. The belt loops are wide enough to accommodate even most wider belts.

The Krusell Horizon case is more than adequate as a case, offering protection to your G1, a stylish way to carry it, options for carrying with either the clip or the belt loops, and a convenient magnetic closure. Although convenient, the magnetic closure is my only gripe. Rather than the button magnetic closure found on this case, my preference is for one without the metal button, like found on Palm's leather Treo horizontal carrying case. In my opinion, the magnetic closure is much easier when the metal button is eliminated and the magnet is sewn inside of the leather. When the design of the case closure incorporates the magnet inside of the leather, then precision when closing the case is not required - it's just a leather-on-leather contact. The magnetized button snap closure requires a little more precision when closing and I simply don't want to have to deal with precision; I just want to put my G1 in the case and shut the flap and feel that it is secured.


The Krusell Horizon Multidapt (S-Wide) Case for the T-Mobile G1 is another good product from Krusell. It's a stylish way to protect and carry your G1 and offers the convenience of a couple ways to carry it: belt loops or the multidapt clip. Either way you carry it, it should stay put on your person. The nappa leather is good quality and the magnetic closure is convenient.

On the down side, the same convenient magnetic closure also requires a little more precision when closing than a sewn-in magnet minus the magnetic snap-button that is currently part of the case's design. Also, the cutout to access the G1's mini-USB port is really located on the wrong end of the case for this G1 user. Others may not have a problem with it's location. In any event, the case is a nice one for the money and should make most people happy who are looking for a stylish and secure way to carry their G1.

Android Central Rating: 4/5