Samsung Galaxy S5

As the world enters the summer months, there's also usually a big slowdown in terms of new mobile hardware product launches. However, there are some deals to be found on current devices. One of them can be found at RadioShack which is currently running a promotion for the Samsung Galaxy S5 for the price of $79.

The promotion will let customers purchase a Galaxy S5 that will work on AT&T, Verizon Wireless or Sprint's networks and is good for either s new or an updated two year contract, but the customer also has to turn in a working phone as well. The temporary price cut ends on June 15 which just happens to be Father's Day.

Considering that the Galaxy S5 is still being sold in most outlets for $199.99 with a two-year agreement, this temporary price cut via RadioShack is certainly a good deal, especially if sons and daughters are in a good mood to purchase a new smartphone for their dad before June 15.

If you have been holding out on buying a Galaxy S5, is this new $79 promotion from RadioShack enough for you to take the plunge and purchase Samsung's current flagship smartphone, or perhaps you are waiting for the Galaxy Note 4 to make its debut?

Source: RadioShack