The TETHYS waterproof case shares a similar design to other pouch-style cases we've been looking at this past week, but it's a bit different in that the durable TPU border on the front and back keeps a cozy fit for the Galaxy S6. While the front display is clear for complete touchscreen use, the back is mostly covered, with the exception of the top — for camera use in mind. The secure swivel lock system is what seals your device inside from water, salt, and sand.

When dropped in any body of water, the case seems to float for a short period of time with the Galaxy S6 inside, but eventually starts to sink. I tossed a few lightweight items inside like cash and a few cards, and it seems to stay afloat longer the less weight there is inside, naturally. So, unless you're using the included lanyard with the TETHYS waterproof case around your neck, you'll want to make sure you keep an eye on it in case it floats away. Even though it's rated to handle depths up to 13ft., most people won't be diving much deeper than that with our phones attached — if at all.

Also on the back of the case is an extra opening for attaching an armband or shoulder strap (not included). There's enough room inside for you to fit your Galaxy S6 wearing a reasonably slim hard case or hybrid case. Anything sized like an OtterBox Defender wouldn't work, though.

Our take

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For a real nice-fitting waterproof pouch case, the TETHYS definitely suits the Galaxy S6 like a charm. Easy touchscreen access and the ability to capture pictures and video above and below the surface is a plus. If you're into the completely clear look on both sides, you may want to opt for something like the KONA Case instead, but for basic waterproof use — this one's a good pick.

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