We're looking at the regular DualPro and DualPro SHINE from Incipio, both featuring identical designs apart from the SHINE's brushed aluminum polycarbonate shell. These cases use a stretch and tear resistant TPE core that does most of the protecting when it comes to drops. There's a cutout for just about every feature of the Galaxy Note 5, including the S-Pen, which is a bit tight without using a fingernail to snatch it out. Side buttons are raised on the skin itself, allowing for a more accurate press while both layers are worn.

The standard DualPro Case has a softer shell on the back that adds slightly more grip than its SHINE sibling, but also tends to pick up fingerprints and smudges a lot easier. If you use your pockets to tote your Note 5, you may want to opt for the SHINE version since that smooth shell slides in and out way easier. Both options have their strengths, but I find myself using the DualPro SHINE more often for its looks and smooth exterior.

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Wireless charging and NFC work great through both DualPro Cases on the Galaxy Note 5. With the screen faced down, the TPE lip keeps the display elevated enough from scuffing any surface. The camera cutout on the back leaves plenty of room for unhindered shots along with easy access to the heart rate sensor.

As a whole, the Incipio DualPro Cases for Galaxy Note 5 are decent options for moderate protection against drops and scratches. Aside from the S-Pen being a bit hard to access, both versions are crafted quite well. If you're after more grip, I'd suggest the regular DualPro Case, but if you like the smooth, brushed aluminum finish of the DualPro SHINE, your pockets will appreciate your choice.

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