A newly released video shows a prototype of a device using Google's Project Ara modular phone concept that's being developed by a Boston-based contractor, NK Labs. The video was released on the same day Google revealed plans to hold two Project Ara developer conferences in January,

The video, posted by the Phonebloks website, at first shows NK Labs team members discussing the process of their smartphone creation efforts. The best part of the video comes at the end, which shows how the first Project Ara hardware prototype, Spiral 1, allows people to simply slide in new modular pieces on the back of the phone and then have the device start up and run Google's Android OS.

The next prototype, Spiral 2, will have chips made just for the device by Toshiba, according to NK Labs. That will be the version that will get shown to attendees at the Project Ara Module Developers Conference events in January. What kinds of unique modules do you think could be created for such a smartphone?

Source: Phonebloks (YouTube)