Periscope, Twitter's app that lets you broadcast video live, has announced some additions that will be arriving soon. These include searching for broadcasts by title or topic and saving videos beyond 24 hours.

Periscope to add search, let you keep your broadcasts forever

While previously Periscope broadcasts could only be stored for 24 hours, your videos will soon be saved indefinitely by default. From Periscope:

Our goal is to give you full control of your broadcasts. Soon, your broadcasts will be automatically saved on Periscope and Twitter with comments and hearts. Should you change your mind, you can still delete your broadcasts at any time in the post-broadcast screen or in your profile. And, for those of you who still want your broadcasts to be removed after 24 hours, you can easily configure that in your account settings.

Periscope did not provide a rollout timeline for these new features, saying only that they would arrive "in the coming weeks." In the meantime, you can get the current version of Periscope from the Google Play Store.