IFA 2014 Olloclip makes clip on lenses that until now have been exclusively popular with the iPhone and iPad crowd. Now, owners of the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S4 can get in on the action with the announcement of the 4-in-1 lens for both phones at IFA 2014.

The principle is the same as the iPhone lenses but the execution has had to change. To accommodate the central position of the camera on both phones, there's a central bracket for the Galaxy version with both lenses mounted to it. To use one of the lenses it hooks across the left hand corner, to use the other the right hand corner.

Despite looking like there are only two lenses, there is actually 2 different macro effects – 10x and 15x –, a wide-angle and a fisheye. The macro lenses are accessed by unscrewing the fisheye and wide-angle. You just clip the one you want over the phone's camera and away you go.

Unlike the iPhone there isn't a dedicated Olloclip app yet for Android. It's available to pre-order now – at the link below – and costs $69.99 for both phones. Shipping is set to commence mid-September. We've got our hands on one to play around with so we'll be back with more.