A few folks (including us) who have preordered the NVIDIA Shield controller have found themselves in possession of a snazzy new Shield T-shirt over the past couple days to go along with their $350 preorder. Accompanying the shirt was a note, which reads thusly:

Thank you for pre-ordering SHIELD. SHIELD is NVIDIA's first gaming portable, and has been a labor of love for us over the last year and a half since we started the project. Our vision was to build a dedicated, open platform gaming device that would allow you to enjoy a wide catalog of native Android and streamed PC games with full freedom and mobility.

To celebrate the arrival of SHIELD, we've designed a limited-edition SHIELD T-shirt and have included one in this package to thank you for your pre-order. 

On behalf of the SHIELD team, we hope you enjoy the experience!

Now us being the skeptical type, we checked in with NVIDIA to make sure Shield was still headed for customers' hands this month, as promised. And we're assured that while no shipping date has been announced, "late June" is still on track.

We took a look at the finished product for Shield at NVIDIA's headquarters last month and found what should be a more-than capable portable gaming device.

Shield, in a nutshell, is an Android 4.2 device powered by the NVIDIA Tegra 4 system, capable of video output at up to 4K resolution. It's running stock Android, will be open to hacking and has some of the best speakers we've ever used in a portable product.