Nook Color or Wifi Galaxy Tab?

Samsung has finally announced that the Wifi only Galaxy Tab is coming, and that brings up a very interesting question we want to ask you guys.  Which would you buy, the Wifi Tab, or the Nook Color?  On the outside, they are pretty similar.  Both are seven inchers, neither runs Honeycomb, and with the current state of AOSP, maybe neither one ever will.

The innards have a good many differences, starting with the Tab having a 1 GHz Hummingbird CPU and the Nook Color using a TI OMAP 3621 at 800 MHz.  The Tab's GPU is a step up from the Nook's, but both are capable PowerVR chips, and both check in at 512 MB of RAM.  Storage space on the Wifi Tab is 16GB, and the Nook comes with 8GB on board -- both can handle up to a 32 GB SD card.  The biggest hardware difference is the cameras (front and rear) on the Tab.

On the software side, the Tab ships with Froyo, and according to rumors the Nook is scheduled to get Froyo with "tablet features" and Adobe Flash sometime this month.  As it stands now, you'll need to root and hack the Nook Color to get the same feature set as the Tab, but that's a really simple affair, with none of that locked and encrypted mumbo jumbo you've heard about with other Android devices. 

I guess it all really comes down to personal preference, so we've set up a poll.  Let us know what you think, and discuss in the Nook Color and Galaxy Tab forums!