Nokia's first Android device has a whiff of the Windows Phone about it

Mobile World Congress

The Nokia X – or Normandy as it has been known – leaks continue, with this claiming to be an actual full front on shot of the device. The image is one of a series that has appeared in China at Coolxap and shows the design we've seen many times before along with a very Windows Phone-esque user interface.

As we'd expect, there's no sight of anything Google related, but Nokia's own Here Maps are present and correct. There's also a Store clearly shown, so providing everything is legit, Nokia it seems has decided how the X will be getting its apps.

Other pointers we can gather from the images are that this is indeed budget hardware as expected. There is no rear camera flash, the display even from these images looks pretty low res, and the side on images – see the source link for the full set – don't exactly scream high-end. Two SIM cards are clearly shown in the status bar – even though they're missing – and it looks like you'll be able to increase the size of the homescreen tiles as you can with Windows Phone.

Actual details still elude us, but we'll know for sure this coming Monday, February 24 what this is all about. We'll be live from Barcelona for Nokia's press event, so keep it locked to Android Central for all you need to know.

Source: Coolxap via NoWhereElse