It's a Nokia, with Android, minus the Google

Nokia made a big deal out of the Nokia X – and it's sibling products, the X+ and XL – back at Mobile World Congress, it's first foray into the Android world. But it's not exactly Android in the sense we're familiar with in these parts. Take out the Google and add in some square tiles and you're on the right track.

The Nokia X is definitely aimed towards the low end; a Snapdragon S4 and 512MB of RAM are long past being 'cutting edge.' The low-resolution display, fixed focus rear camera and paltry 4GB of on-board storage scream nothing but 'budget device.' But that doesn't mean we aren't interested by it.

Amazon did something different with Android and it was hardly a failure, so perhaps there is a method to Nokia's madness. And there's absolutely no better way to get a handle on what's what than by putting it through the full review treatment.

And so, that's exactly what we're going to do. The full review is on its way soon, but in the mean time we've taken a quick first look at a retail version of the Nokia X. And you'll catch that in the video up top. Stay tuned for more!