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Nokia has updated its HERE Maps app with new train and transit information from Deutsche Bahn in Germany, allowing users of the recently launched beta for Samsung Android smartphones to access train connections and timetables in that country.

In addition to information about Deutsche Bahn's routes and schedules, the update also includes the same information from all the regional transport operators and transport companies in Germany. Nokia stated:

"This means that our apps cover transit information across all of Germany, so you'll be able to plan your journey door-to-door. Making it easier for travelers to use public transit – from long-distance trains to local buses – is one of our main commitments for HERE apps. No matter whether you're a commuter in Berlin or a traveler visiting the Black Forest and then Munich for the Oktoberfest, HERE has you covered."

Here maps germany

The update to the maps information is server based and does not require an update to the actual HERE Maps apps. If you live in Germany, will this be a help as you travel by rail across the country?

Source: HERE blog

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