Nokia has not only launched a big update for its HERE maps app for Android in the Google Play Store, it's also ditching the 'beta' label as it feels the app is "mature and stable enough to stand as a full production release." The update also brings a number of new features and improvements.

One of the big new features are 3D venue maps in 70 countries. Nokia says:

Maps of locations like shopping malls and airports are now available in HERE for Android. These are now fully three-dimensional, too, so you can spin them round to match the direction from which you entered the venue and switch between floors to see what's on different levels of the mall.

Nokia also provided a list of some of the other new features in HERE maps:

  • You can tap on any place icon on the map to see more about it or how to get there
  • Traffic incidents show you what's causing the jam before you have to find out in person
  • You can now download maps in the background — no need to wait for them to finish
  • You can now also download voices to your SD card
  • We adjusted the volume so you can hear turn-by-turn directions more clearly

Nokia says the Android version of HERE has now been downloaded over 3 million times and that Germany is the country that uses the app the most, followed by the US and Brazil.

Source: HERE blog