The steady flow of Galaxy S8 leaks continues, and while each gives us a little more information about the design of this phone it's starting to feel a little familiar. We know the phone is going to be extra tall like the LG G6, and whether it's a good thing or not the bezels on the side of this thing are going to basically not exist.

This latest leak gives a higher quality look at the outer shell of this phone, and just how impossibly small these bezels are.

Gala)xy S8

The folks at BGR scored a number of decent body shots of the Galaxy S8, and it's starting to become clear that the outside isn't really going to tell us anything new. As impressive as that display looks in these shots and some of the videos that have leaked recently, it's clear the really important things aren't going to be on the outside.

A lot of people got really excited when it looked like the bottom navigation bar could be customized, and when you couple that with the "Bixby" AI we keep hearing about and the race to make the software more polished and the camera even better, the outer shell isn't really as exciting anymore. Some of this is because we've seen this form factor leak quite a bit, but really Samsung's big reveal for the S8 is going to be about how capable this phone is and how unique an experience it can create for users.

The outside of this phone is beautiful, but come on leakers. There's a lot of time between now and when the Galaxy S8 is officially unveiled at the end of March. Lets see a little more of the good stuff!