Since 2010, the Galaxy Note family has represented some of the biggest and best smartphones Samsung has to offer. Today, the world's most famous phablet family gets a sixth generation – and it's called the Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung says that skipping the "6" brings the new Note in line with the Galaxy S7's branding, and the similarity to the smaller smartphone is striking indeed – especially on the spec sheet. With a much larger screen and the signature S Pen stylus, the Galaxy Note 7 is still a different beast – but you wouldn't know it by looking at it.

Has the Note line lost some of its luster this year, or is this another case of you-gotta-use-it-to-understand-it? You decide: enjoy a sneak peek with Michael Fisher's Galaxy Note 7 Hands On, and stay tuned for the MrMobile Galaxy Note 7 review coming later this month!