Moto X Accessories

When shopping for Motorola Moto X accessories you don't always need to pay top-dollar for OEM gear. More often than not, you'll find much better deals for equally useful commodities. Then again, there's nothing wrong with sticking to a brand you trust. The fact of the matter is we want the accessory that will make our Moto X experience better and more convenient.

Jump past the break to check out some top accessories for the Motorola Moto X.

Motorola Moto X Chargers

It's no secret, everyone needs a charger. A spare for the office or one for the car; you can't go wrong with having more than one for any given occasion. One of our customer favorites is the Motorola Micro-USB High Performance Charger. This sexy Moto X car charger (pictured above) plugs into your vehicle's DC port and rapidly juices up your device. While the charger does its business the clear lens illuminates blue, showing off the Motorola logo.

Moto X Screen Protector

Screen Protectors for Moto X

Protecting your display against scratches is always a top priority. You want to be sure the Motorola Moto X screen protector you pick up will shield against dirt, debris, and the dreaded keys in your pocket. BodyGuardz makes a real solid screen protector for the Moto X that not only ensures tough protection, but is one of the easiest brands to apply. Still not convinced? It's also made from the same material used to shield the front of vehicles from road debris.

Moto X Car Mount

Motorola Moto X Car Mounts

There's no safer way to travel than with a sturdy car mount for the Moto X. Many popular styles include windshield mounts, dashboard mounts and even vent mounts. The particular model you see above is the iGrip Universal Traveler Kit. This Motorola Moto X car mount offers the best of both worlds: a secure suction cup mount for windshield mounting which can then be flipped to provide a sturdy dashboard mount. The arms of device easily extend to fit your Moto X, even with a case on. The bottom feet are also adjustable so you can plug in your car charger without hassle.

Moto X Stylus

Stylus for Motorola Moto X

Stylus offer a drastic increase in precision, whether you're typing, drawing or navigating your device. One of our favorites here at ShopAndroid is the Incipio Inscribe Executive Stylus and Pen. This Moto X stylus also can be used as an ink pen when you're not combing your touchscreen. Its omni-directional tip offers increased control when writing or sketching and the integrated clip easily attaches to your pocket while you go about your day. But what's really the key feature of any stylus? No fingerprints or smudges!

Moto X Headsets

Motorola Moto X Headsets

If you haven't already made the jump to a handsfree mobile lifestyle, now's the time to compliment your Moto X with a quality headset. You can rock a wired headset or a wireless Bluetooth; both have their advantages and disadvantages, depending on the particular brand, model, etc. One wireless headset for the Moto X that truly stands out is the Blueant Q2. This miniature beast provides incredible sound quality for handsfree calls and can even do A2DP audio streaming when you want to crank up your tunes. If that wasn't enough, you've also got text to speech capabilities and dual high performance mics.

Cases for Motorola Moto X

There's a plentiful selection of Moto X cases available, ranging from skins and hard cases to holsters and waterproof cases. Check out our buyer's guide for the most popular cases for the Moto X for a more thorough look at what's available for protecting your device.

The Bottom Line

Each one of these Motorola Moto X accessories has their own benefit and can help increase your daily productivity in one way or another. If you don't find what you're looking for with this brief guide, jump over to for a complete look of all our Moto X accessories.

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