Moto X teardown

Handset receives a 7 out of 10 for overall repairability

The Moto X has finally made its way out to store shelves (at least on AT&T), and right on time iFixIt has torn the device completely apart to see what's inside. First and foremost is the actual ease of taking the Moto X apart — iFixIt says that there's no major steps to be taken to get everything apart aside from loosening some glue and undoing clips and screws. But when the teardown is all said and done, they had a few things to say about how Motorola put the device together.

That "woven" back plate that is available in the white and black colors is actually a woven material, which you can even see through when held up to the light after being removed. Motorola has also pulled off a few interesting engineering tricks. Aside from the stepped battery design to boost capacity, the camera flash is completely separate from the camera and glued to the back plate, the headphone assembly is removable in one piece and the vibration motor is soldered onto the motherboard.

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It might be a little bit of hyping, but iFixIt says that the Motorola engineers are paying attention to detail in ways they've only seen previously with Apple. They've made several design decisions inside the device that step away from standard construction of phones nowadays. To nerds like us that's almost as exciting as the exterior design.

You can browse through the entire teardown at the source link below. It's certainly one worth taking a look at.

Source: iFixIt