Mimicker Alarm

Microsoft wants to help people who have issues waking up in the morning with a new app called Mimicker Alarm. The Android-exclusive app includes three games that users can complete after they hear their alarm go off on their smartphone so they can be more active in the morning.

Microsoft says:

In "Express Yourself," your task is to take a selfie that best matches the emotion the game chooses. In "Color Capture," you take a picture of an object that best matches the color presented by the game. And in "Tongue Twister," you repeat a phrase that requires some brain power to enunciate.

Mimicker Alarm is the latest app from the Microsoft Garage division and uses some of the company's Project Oxford APIs. They have been used in the past for websites like HowOld.net, which determines how old a person is by scanning a picture. Microsoft is also releasing the code for the app as an open source project on GitHub so that other developers can see how they used the Project Oxford APIs.

You can download Mimicker Alarm right now in the Google Play Store.

Source: Microsoft

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