Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5 owners are now reporting that Lollipop has hit their smartphone on T-Mobile. We've covered the Android update fairly extensively, but you should look to expect various improvements to the overall experience. The update will be rolling out OTA so fret not if you've yet to receive a notification.

There's always the manual check, in case you're beyond the impatient stage. Next time you have a spare moment with your Galaxy S5 on T-Mobile, head into the settings and check to see if you have an update available. The update is a hefty 939MB and requires at least 30 percent battery to install, so brace yourselves with a charger cable and stable Wifi to get the whole thing down. While you wait, you may also want to check out five things you need to know about Lollipop on the S5.

After you get the update installed you'll notice some small visual changes, including a new look for notifications and shortcuts on the lockscreen, a fresh multitasking menu, as well as a redesigned notification shade with some brighter colors. The settings menu has switched from dark blue to white — in line with the Note 4's KitKat build, actually — and there are some subtle stylistic changes around the entire phone. As soon as you're booted up you'll want to head into the Play Store as well, as you'll likely have a couple dozen app updates waiting to bring you to the latest version compatible with Lollipop.

Now for the semi-controversial Lollipop notification settings. The T-Mobile version of the GS5 looks to have the same layout as the Verizon version post-update, with the ability to set your phone to sound, vibrate or mute, where mute is the same as the "none" setting on a Nexus running 5.0. Tapping the gear icon in the top-right corner of the volume control gives you the choice to pop into "priority" notification mode whether you're in vibrate or sound mode, as well as adjust media volume. It's still far more complicated than it was before, but it does work.

Let us know if you've received the update in the comments, then head over to our community forum to engage with other Galaxy S5 owners on T-Mobile.