LG G5 Spigen

As we draw closer to its official unveiling, the LG G5 has once again popped into sight courtesy of a case listing on eBay. While we've seen more detailed looks at the phone itself, this case listing from Spigen further corroborates prior leaks.

Once again, we see the G5's dual camera setup featured prominently on the rear of the phone, with a fingerprint sensor taking up residence just below. Likewise, the volume buttons once again appear on the side of the smartphone, marking a significant change from prior iterations of the G series.

According to recent leaks and teases, we're expecting the smartphone to pack an always-on display, a Snapdragon 820 processor, and even some interaction with modular components thanks to what has been dubbed the "Magic Slot.". In any case, LG will officially unveil the G5 on February 21 ahead of Mobile World Congress 2016, so we'll know the hard details of the G5 relatively soon.

Source: eBay

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